Lets Patch things up- Part 1

When I told my sister I was looking for those badges that were a cool thing in the early  90s, she gave me one of those ‘you crazy?’ looks. On some persuasion I changed my mind and this year when the winter collection came out I had all the reason to give her my ‘I told you so!’ look.

Patches and badges are the talk of the town. Just look around and they are everywhere. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Versace’s latest collections incorporate patches. Totally chic with bright cartoons or sassy sayings, any outfit can be spruced up with these strategically placed accents.

I am going to discuss a few ways for you to get on this latest trend. This blog post is about styling your clothes and there will be a follow up blog post on styling your accessories.


How to wear Badges, patches and brooches?


1 . DIY any piece of clothing you have:-

There’s a whole range of clothing with attached patches in store now, but why not personalize your old clothes with patches you’ve picked out yourself? It’s so easy to DIY with iron-on patches available and you won’t ever have that awkward situation of wearing the same clothes as someone else. There are so many different possibilities you could choose from – words and slogans, symbols, favorite cartoon characters or your favorite band. You could mix and match or pick a theme and stick to it (pun intended!).

Here are a few DIY ideas:

Take a plain white t-shirt and pin up some bright coloured patches on a side. For a grown-up take on the trend, add a couple of floral themed patches for a more subtle look.

Sew patches onto your military style jacket to get a classic edgy look. This look is perfect with simple jeans and a pair of heeled boots, but can also be worn with sneakers for a totally casual style.

An otherwise classic look can be made chic by attaching some patches to a pencil skirt. This increases the versatility of an old outfit.hnb 1xi6kw-l-610x610-fashionfraction-blogger-jacket-rippedjeans-patches-coat-shirt-jeans-shoes-bag-sunglasses-jewels5cd611d4b9dfdb235845f83d8da509de.jpg20150701_NYLON_KELLY_23534_1200x.jpgnavy-green-t-shirt-with-patches.jpg

2. Kick up the denims:-

A jacket with patches is an easy way to start integrating this trend into your everyday look. Customized denim will always look good, so try a denim jacket with a few patches on the sleeves and pockets. Throw your denim jacket over an outfit in neutral shades like grey or cream. Avoid wearing other patterns which may clash or draw the eye away from your statement jacket.

You could also try adding patches to denim shorts or jeans. A leather jacket adds an edge to this outfit. Alternatively, contrast your patchwork jeans with a smart staple like a button-down shirt or black ankle boots.Screenshot_2016-04-17-10-14-17-1.pngPatch-Trend-7.jpgbadges-on-clothes-trend-47.jpg

3. Pile yourself up:-

Pile one patch over the other for edgy look. There are several types of patches- Iron on patches, sew on patches, stick on patches, pin on patches and Rhinestuds. Alternating in the type of patches is a very good idea. Patches can be themed to suit a particular event or just placed randomly.
For example, a plain grey jumpsuit when paired with a heavily studded jacket is an excellent outfit for a fun day out.

pilled up.jpgpiled up.jpg0c8d6dbeeb87c713b136a28117faceca

This patch craze is not  going anywhere anytime soon. So, look out for my next post on how to style accessories and shoes….

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January Favourites 2017!!

Hey Guys,

I know most of us have already screwed up our new year resolutions. If you haven’t three cheers to you 🙂 My two resolutions were to gain some weight and travel a lot more. Lets just say I have managed to loose a few pounds and have not even stepped into my balcony. So ya, I have failed big time.

Lets talk about the good things that I have discovered and come to love this new year. Here are my January Favourites.

1. Bath and Body Works French Lavender And Honey Body wash:-

This Body wash is simply divine. It contains Shea Butter, Vitamin C and Aloe Vera.

It provides luxuriously rich lather.

This amazing product from Bath and Body works leaves my skin feeling irresistably soft and beautifully fragranced.img_1996img_1994

2. The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner:-

This is my favourite toner so far. It is alcohol free toner with shots of vitamin E protection.

It is a clear, odorless liquid and is suitable for all skin types.

The bottle is of 200 ml and will last you for a good 4-5 months.img_2091

3. Combat Boots:-

All the girls will totally get me when I say that I am crazy about shoes. My mom thinks I have some kind of a weird addiction because I cannot stop buying them :p

These Combat Boots are my fashion favourite for this month. They go with almost all of my outfits, plus they are so warm 🙂

They are a great buy as they are super stylish and super comfy.IMG_2103.JPG

4. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid eyeliner in shade ELECTRO SHOCK:-

I am that person who would not walk out of her house without an eyeliner on. Hell, I sometimes apply dramatic cat eye liner and roll at home in my pajamas.

But coloured eyeliners was a territory I was always afraid to step in. This Electric blue eyeliner has stolen my heart. I love it to bits.

The formula is so nice that I ended up picking up the same eyeliner in 2 more shades. Looking forward to try them on.img_2094img_2096

5. Colourpop Cosmetics Blush in the shade Never Been Kissed:-

Colourpop is a brand that you will totally get addicted to. I bought quite a few products from colourpop and after using them I am hooked to their website.

This Super Shock Cheeks blush is a light pink shade with orange undertones. Its perfect for fair skin tone.

From the name of the product (Never Been Kissed) to the packaging everything is just so quirky, fun and addictive.img_2019img_2032

6.  Colourpop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in the shade Leather:-

Its a no brainer that another colourpop product has made it to my favourites list.

This matte lip stick is dark purple in colour, Matte in finish and looks gorgeous.

I find the Lippie stix by colourpop to be the greatest idea ever. The packaging is just so perfect. The design of the bullet is on point (I can apply the lipstick without a mirror).

The shade Leather is a major beauty trend right now and let me tell you girlfriends, I am totally killing it 😉img_2099IMG_2101.JPGIMG_2015.JPG

7. Fresho! Signature Dehydrated Candid fruit (Fruit and Nuts):-

Its time for the snacks. Sleeping and munching are two things I do the best. I am so good at these two activities that instead of calling them hobbies I consider them my talents.

I work late into the night and was always snacking on unhealthy but very tasty stuff like potato chips, chocolates, ice creams and Cheetos. I bought this packet of dehydrated nuts and fruits to start snacking healthy and I am hooked.

They are yummy and healthy. To be honest  I do fish out the apricots and the cranberries but that is the way we humans behave 😀img_2086

That is all with my favourite stuff from the month of January. I urge you to try each and every product in this list as I  guarantee you will love them.

If you have tried any of these products do let me know your experience in the comments below. Also don’t forget to like and follow my blog.

I will see you soon with some more fun stuff. Until then, Stay healthy and stay stylish.

Love- Barkha